Friday, April 30, 2010

George's Brasserie (A Preview)

George's Brasserie opened Wednesday night in the location of the former Oceanaire in Southpark. The space at George's is very nicely laid out with a large, comfortable bar area with several "conversation pits." Within the bar area is a very nice looking raw bar displaying several types of fresh raw oysters, lobster and crab. The menu is French comfort food, with steak frites (steak and french fries), cassoulet (sausage, duck and bean stew), and other French classics, including a fabulous beef bourguignon.

The only restaurant I have ever been to that is similar to George's is Bouchon in Las Vegas, a restaurant operated by Thomas Keller, one of the best chef's in the world. I was not surprised when I found out that the chef at George's had formerly worked at Bouchon.

I plan to check on George's in a few weeks and see how they are doing.

George's Brasserie
4620 Piedmont Row Dr., Suite 110
Charlotte, North Carolina 28210

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